Our Bucks

Both past and present--we have been very careful in diversing our gene pool while keeping the best of dairy and trying to add blue eyes and a variety of colors.



ADGA Hidden Treasure EB Wht Lightin


Sire:Farm Oldesouth Espresso Blanc

(Oldesouth Rain On Fire*S x Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*D)

Dam: Nickel Creek Apple Strudel

(Farm Oldesouth SD Roll Tide x J-Nels GP Vienna)

Boozer is bringing Oldesouth & J-Nels milking bloodlines to Southern Missouri!


His first babies have been excellent!


Adding 100% blue eyes plus moonspots!

PrairieWood CG's Caesar

Sire:PrairieWood Palace Blues*S

(Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer+*S X MK Rehum OB*D)

Dam: PrairieWood Desert Rosie

(MCH PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues+SE X Maple Breeze Roselyn)


Caesar has been our main buck for a couple of years now. He throws WONDERFUL babies!

Since I have several brown eyed does that are in love with him he gets to stay for a while.





Critter Grove Mr Peabody" Pip

Sire: Flat Rock's CashnCarry

(Flat Rocks Dobby x Flat Rocks I'll Have Another)

Dam: Critter Grove G&A Pippilotta

(Critter Grove Gambler X Prairie Wood CG's Amanda)

Blue eyes

I have had a couple of crops of babies from him and he throws girls and color! Wonderful doelings.

For Sale-$350


Our past breeding bucks-

Earliest bucks first-



Prairie Wood CG's Vegas Gamble

reference only-sold

Vegas was the original heart of

our breeding program

Sire-Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer +*S+B

Dam-MCH/CH Inavale Cassandra *D

Master Champion in both ADGA and AGS

Critter Grove

Vegas's Jackpot

reference only-sold

Sire- Prairie Wood CG's Vegas Gamble

(Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer +*S+B X

Dam-MCH/CH Inavale Cassandra *D)

Dam-Prarie Wood CGM Elektra Jazz

( MCH/CH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S E X MK Maai EM)


Sandstone Acres

Silver Zodiac

reference only-sold



Sire-Peppermint Hill Farms Spartacus

Dam-Sandstone Acres Mini Mee




100% Blue eyes!

reference only-sold


Sire-Sandstone Acres Silver Zodiac

Dam-Critter Grove Vegas's Lexi


Flat Rock's CashnCarry

reference only-sold

Flat Rock's CashnCarry

DOB 6/16/14

Sire: Flat Rock's Dobby

(AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter x Flat Rock's Ever After)

Dam: Flat Rocks I'll Have Another

(AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter x AGS Flat Rocks Ditto Again)