Our Bucks

Both past and present--we have been very careful in diversing our gene pool while keeping the best of dairy and trying to add blue eyes and a variety of colors.





ADGA Hidden Treasure EB Wht Lightin


DOB 2/23/16

Sire:Farm Oldesouth Espresso Blanc

(Oldesouth Rain On Fire*S x Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*D)

Dam: Nickel Creek Apple Strudel

(Farm Oldesouth SD Roll Tide x J-Nels GP Vienna)

Boozer is bringing Oldesouth & J-Nels milking bloodlines to Southern Missouri!


His kids have been


I have gotten excellent keeper kids and now ready to move him on. This is an old picture but will update soon. He is so much longer and better than this shows. CHECK out his BREEDING!


Adding 100% blue eyes plus moonspots!

PrairieWood CG's Caesar

Sire:PrairieWood Palace Blues*S

(Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer+*S X MK Rehum OB*D)

Dam: PrairieWood Desert Rosie

(MCH PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues+SE X Maple Breeze Roselyn)


Caesar has been our main buck for a couple of years now. He throws WONDERFUL babies!

Since I have several brown eyed does that are in love with him he gets to stay for a while.









Our past breeding bucks-

Earliest bucks first-



Prairie Wood CG's Vegas Gamble

reference only-sold

Vegas was the original heart of

our breeding program

Sire-Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer +*S+B

Dam-MCH/CH Inavale Cassandra *D

Master Champion in both ADGA and AGS

Critter Grove

Vegas's Jackpot

reference only-sold

Sire- Prairie Wood CG's Vegas Gamble

(Kaapio Acre's BT Racketeer +*S+B X

Dam-MCH/CH Inavale Cassandra *D)

Dam-Prarie Wood CGM Elektra Jazz

( MCH/CH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S E X MK Maai EM)


Sandstone Acres

Silver Zodiac

reference only-sold



Sire-Peppermint Hill Farms Spartacus

Dam-Sandstone Acres Mini Mee




100% Blue eyes!

reference only-sold


Sire-Sandstone Acres Silver Zodiac

Dam-Critter Grove Vegas's Lexi


Flat Rock's CashnCarry

reference only-sold

Flat Rock's CashnCarry

DOB 6/16/14

Sire: Flat Rock's Dobby

(AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter x Flat Rock's Ever After)

Dam: Flat Rocks I'll Have Another

(AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter x AGS Flat Rocks Ditto Again)